one student's tale of gastronomic indulgence

one student's tale of gastronomic indulgence

Chocolate whoopie pies

Chocolate whoopie pies
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Whoopie pies. Whoopie. Pies. We meet again, under a different disguise maybe, but still. Whoopie pies.

You may have been able to tell from the gist of that, but I don’t really like whoopie pies. There, I’ve said it! They look a bit like macarons but aren’t as lovely and fancy. They’re pretty much the same constituents as cupcakes but all the cake open to the air makes them a bit dry I think, and not as deportable [I just noticed this. Deportable? Thanks, autocorrect. Decoratable. Maybe it’s picking up on my subconscious need to deport them out of my life]. Although, that being said, my Welsh flatmate does keep referring to them as “whoopsies” which is actually pretty adorable.

This is a recipe from Dan Lepard’s book, Short and Sweet, which I bought myself as a post-Christmas treat, and I’m only just getting around to cooking out of it now. My innate distrust of whoopie pies has absolutely no bearing on the book, which is beautiful and filled with technical explanations of things but not in a way that crowds the recipes or is overly complicated [I’m looking at you, Heston]. In fact, I made a delicious soda bread from it just yesterday, that I ate for dinner with butter and rhubarb jam. It was delicious! [So delicious it’s worth saying twice] And achievable with just basic pantry items, which is always a massive win.

chocolate whoopie pies

The marshmallow filling was a bit of a revelation though. After the pumpkin whoopie pie incident, I was convinced I was going to have to trek out and buy Marshmallow Fluff but no! No, Dan Lepard assured me. All I needed was a bag of marshmallows, milk and butter. That, I can do. There is very little that can match the joy of watching marshmallows melt. I wish I could have used my blowtorch.

The glaze was well received as well, and when I decided to try these again the next day, I microwaved one for a little while and the glaze turned all runny and fudge and the cake went soft again and the marshmallows went…well, marshmallowy.

So, in conclusion: whoopie pies = meh. Marshmallow filling = delightful. Whoopie pie + microwave = ingenious. Bloody ingenious.

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